Honerable Health Minister Mr TapanChakraborty , Honerable MLA Mr Sankar Prasad Datta,Chairman of Agartala municipal council, Dr. Prafullajit Sinha , Honerable Club President Mr Pralay Ranjan Dey and Honerable Club Secretary Mr Rajesh Sinha, Blood Donation Champ present on the dias.

Honerable Health Minister Mr Tapan Chakraborty given a speech on Blood Donation Champ.

On the 15 August a Dance displayed by the child artist of "Nrityanir" Organisation.

On The Ocassion of Blood Donation Champ blod donated by club Cashier Mr Litan Debnath.

Welcome to Tushar Sangha

We have the pleasure to present the origin and the history of the gradual development of “Purbachal Sangha” presently well known as Tushar Sangha within a limited format. In our humble effort respected guardians of our locality namely Sri Nani Dey, Sri Pannalal Choudhury, Sri Mukunda Debnath, Sri Makhan Ch. Deb and Sri Nani Pal have assisted us immensely with information to give our effort a shape.

During the 1950s some clubs originated as the centres for recreation. At that time some of the residents of our Chandrapur locality namely, Late Gourdas Sen, Late Amar Debnath, Late Kalu Singh, Late Hridoy Kanta Baura, Late Sudhir Chandra Baidya, Nani Pal, Nani Dey, founded a Club named “ Purbachal Sangha” as it was situated on the east of Agartala town, West Tripura. It started its journey with the holy worship of Devi Saraswati Puja later the Club owned the hearts of the local people by performing “Jatra”, Drama and Puja. In this regard, the contribution made by respected Late Benu Choudhury, Late Atul Saha, Mukunda Debnath, Manik Deb, Late Monoranjan Majumder (Kala) and many others distinguished persons will be ever remembered. With the passage of time, respected Baidyanath Banik and others re-named “Purbachal Sangha” as Tushar Sangha.

Our Activities

Cultural Programmes
Cultural Programmes

Blood Donation Champ
Blood Donation Champ


Former Club Member: late Bidhan Sikdar, Death on 30 Aug 2013

Club Income & expenditure


Prize distributed to the takented students under Club area.

Blood Donation Champ on 15 August 2013

Inauguration of Magazine "TUSHAR" 8th edition On 20 Oct.

Inauguration of Club website www. tusharsangha.com On 20 Oct.

Blood donation Champ on 12 august.